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Bentonite mat Bentolock SL5
  • Bentonite mat Bentolock SL5
  • Bentonite mat Bentolock SL5

Bentonite mat Bentolock SL5

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Country of manufacture:Russia


Waterproofing any liquid impermeable geotextile composite material which is composed of several layers of woven and nonwoven polyester or polypropylene geotextile webs, needlepunched interconnected manner are stitched between these layers is the main component - natural sodium bentonite which itself swells in contact with water.

It differs from the analogue in the commodity group mats Bentolock reduced content of bentonite, which makes the unit easier to roll 200 kg than similar material Bentolock GL10, wherein the waterproofing material properties are not reduced.


bottom layer Polypropylene woven geotextile 200 g / m2
The inner layer bentonite granules 3600 g / m2
Upper layer The non - woven polypropylene geotextile 200 g / m2
Gross weight geocomposite   4000 g / m2
The thickness of the dry geocomposite   approx. 5.6 mm
filtration coefficient ~ 5 * 10 - 9 m / s
Tensile strength (not less than):    
- a longitudinal direction   22 kN / m
- transverse direction   20 kN / m
Standard roll sizes width x length 5.0 x 40.0 m

* The above data are average, they received the results of standard tests and are subject to fluctuation, which is normal for this product  .


The operating principle of bentonite mats is based on the fact that the state prigruzhennye moisture getting into the material causes the clay to swell, and it turns into a waterproof gel. Waterproofing bentonite mats are based on the property of the clay. If water in the presence of limited space, the structure is formed of a bentonite gel state of stress and the material is waterproof.

As a waterproofing material bentonite mats have many advantages. When working with bentonite mat is not necessary to have specific work skills and a special expensive equipment.

The ability of the bentonite to the "self - healing" rescues from disorders waterproofing material properties. When hydrated bentonite granules "tightened" bentonite gel injury site.

Bentonite mats environmentally friendly product, which allows their use in the manufacture of waterproofing ponds for fish farming, wherein the material resistant to aggressive media, such as fertilizer, to the non - polar liquid (gasoline, diesel fuel, oil, and so on. N. )

Main advantages:

  • High resistance to hydrostatic pressure and low permeability.
  • Mats of bentonite clay are able to qualitatively restore the integrity of the waterproofing background due to the potential swelling. Waterproofing does not lose its reliability over time, its service life is practically unlimited.
  • The material is not afraid of cycles "hydration - dehydration", "freeze - thaw"
  • Make installation possible all year round in all weather conditions.

Areas of use:

  • Polygons municipal solid (MSW), industrial waste, and (PO);
  • Objects accumulation of liquid industrial waste sand pond, silt - settling tank;
  • Remediation of contaminated soils, landfills and waste storage places unauthorized;
  • The coating and isolation clogged and contaminated soil;
  • Objects of oil and gas industry (sludge collectors, LPG storage, pipelines, sludge pits, pumping stations, loading racks, the regeneration bushes oil / gas / condensate fields);
  • Tank farms, petroleum products storage terminals, tank farms;
  • Objects of the mining industry (storage and disposal of production tailings (tailings), heap leaching pad (HF), ponds - evaporators, waterworks, ash dumps, salt dumps, slag disposal);
  • Petrol station (gas station), the underground tank;
  • Waterproofing and strengthening of dams, shafts, stormwater drainage and cleaning of the canals;
  • Waterproofing and strengthening slopes, slopes, bank;
  • Objects of the automotive and railway sectors (roads on soft soils, transport tunnels, freight yards, construction of track and passenger facilities, underground facilities, station facilities, underground passages);
  • Impervious protection of structures pavement base;
  • Industrial pools - Storage of liquid industrial waste, sewage sludge and other;
  • Artificial ponds - fire, decorative and landscape ponds, irrigation canals, and so on;
  • Preservation burial grounds, silos, tanks and manure storage area, ponds for breeding fish / Included with bentonite are used mats bentonite granules (BentoGranBG)  for prosypki overlaps. In places the passage of utilities used gidroprokladka (Bentolock) , which is laid in cold joints concreting.
  • ISOBENT Bentizol Tehbent
Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 03.09.2020
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